• code 09768
  • course 1
  • term Anual
  • type OB
  • credits 1

Main language of instruction: English

Other languages of instruction: Catalan, Spanish

Teaching staff

Head instructor

Dr. Jordi MAS -

Teaching and learning activities

In person

The teaching methodology will consist of master classes (CM, 0.5 credits), as well as case studies (MC, 0.5 credits) extracted from international scientific articles related to the subject. The CMs are complemented with didactic videos on the subject.

The training activities used for the assessment of the learning will consist of a commentary on a scientific article linked to the subject and an examination with open-ended questions on the entire content of the course.

Evaluation systems and criteria

In person

Continous evaluation - EC (30%): participation in classe debates, in Forum activities in the Moodle, etc.

Resolution of cases - RC (30%)

Final exam - PFE (40%)

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